A Local Appraiser That You Can Trust

As a professional appraiser, Trotter Real Estate & Appraisal can help you plan out your future. We look at what the city is planning for your community and any upcoming development projects. The neighborhood that you're living in can have a dramatic influence on the future value of your home, so you need someone you can trust to obtain this data for you. If you'd prefer, we can even do an in-depth analysis of the property, including exact measurements of every room, local economics, political affiliation, as well as major events that have occurred or will occur near the property.

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Improve the Value of Your Home or Business

Anyone who finances or refinances a home will need to have an appraisal done first. Depending on whether you are a lender or the individual buying the home, we will disclose the appropriate information and make sure that everything has been done correctly. If you're thinking of building a pool or another type of addition to your home, we can help you get the most value for your money. Getting a professional appraisal done on your property allows you to compare its value with others in the area.